Manbij sit-in: Turkish threats to block solution of Syrian crisis

An administrator at the Martyrs' Families Council in Manbij said, "The Turkish threats came as an episode in the series of obstructing the solution of the Syrian crisis," stressing their rejection of the Turkish threats and their willingness to sacrifice in order to protect their land.


The events of the sit-in tent began by holding a minute of silence, and that was followed by a welcoming speech delivered by the administrator in the council of al-Hiya line Aisha Darwish as she welcomed the attendees, and denounced the Turkish attacks on Syrian territories.

She pointed out that the Turkish threats came to prolong the lives of IS mercenaries in order to return killing and destruction to the areas liberated from obscurantism thanks to the sacrifices of the people.

Another speech was delivered by the co-chair of the Defense Committee Qassem Remo that began with saluting the martyrs' families because they sacrificed their children for the peoples of the region to live safely."

Then, Mahmoud al-Eid delivered a speech on behalf of the Martyrs' Families Council in which he condemned the Turkish threats, and said, "The Turkish threats came within the series of blocking the solution of the Syrian crisis and when the solution has been about to approach."

He stressed their rejection of the Turkish threats which seek to occupy all Syria, and confirmed the readiness to sacrifice for the sake of their land to deter any aggressor.

The sit-in tent's activities will last for three days starting from Saturday.



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