March 8 activities continue in Serê Kaniyê

As part of the series activities in occasion of the International Women's Day, Kongra Star organized two lectures in Serê Kaniyê and Zarkan. During the two lectures, the role of women in the freedom of society was emphasized.


During the past two days, Kongra Star gave 2 lectures in Zarkan district of Serê Kaniyê area and Serê Kaniyê city center and presented a T.V show on occasion of March 8 and the women struggle in the presence of hundreds of people.

The first lecture was held in Zarkan district in the meeting hall in the center of the district council, and was given by the co-chair of the council Fadia Ibrahim, and the second was held at the Center of Culture and Art in the center of the city of, and was given by a member of Jineoloji Center for Research and Studies on Women, Malada Kosa.

The lectures touched upon the resistance and struggle of women against male mentality and their struggle against all the difficulties they faced in life. They stressed that women have an active and important role in society as they have been able to play an important role at all levels.

And they said that the women are still facing all kinds of violence, persecution and murder as well. "

Furthermore, the lectures ended with slogans demanded the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and saluted women's resistance.



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