March 8 events start in N, E Syria

The celebration of International Women's Day was held in northern and eastern Syria.


Hundreds of thousands of women from the cities and regions of al-Jazeera region gathered in the town of Himo in the city of Qamishlo to commemorate their World Day.

The ceremony will begin with a minute of silence, after which an assessment on women by the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, will be played. During the ceremony, a number of speeches including the Kongra Star will be delivered, speeches on behalf of the Syriac women, Arab women, the Basque as well as performances by the Golden Crescent movement.

In the al-Shahba canton, the celebration began with a minute of silence. The celebration place was decorated with pictures of the fighter Laila Guven, pictures of martyrs of the Resistance of the Age, the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, the flags of the Women's Protection Units, the Kongra Star and the photographs of martyr Ilan Dara who martyred last year during his participation in the Resistance of the Age.

Since the early morning hours, thousands of women from Afrin and al-Shahba have traveled to the area of ​​the celebration, dressed in folkloric adornments, women's flags and slogans, as well as hundreds of people.

During the rally, participants chanted slogans saluting women's freedom and denouncing the Turkish occupation and its brutality against the occupied women of Afrin.

A one-kilometer march is supposed to be launched towards the village of Maarata, in al-Ahdath district, and speech will be delivered on behalf of the Kongra Star and Arab women component, then the Golden Crescent bands will provide revolutionary songs and folkloric dances and play show.

In the Euphrates region, the celebration began with a foot march that started from the Free Woman's Square towards Martyr Agid Square. During the march, the women raised banners reading "Resistance liberates women." Women also chanted slogans saluting free women's resistance. Besides, speeches on behalf of the Kongra Star, the Autonomous Administration in the North and East of Syria will be delivered by Ilham Ahmed, and the artistic bands of the Baqi Khido Center will present performances.

In the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood of Aleppo, a speech will be delivered by the Kongra Star and the martyrs' families. The telegraphs will be read and various artistic performances will be presented.


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