March on Kobanî in solidarity with Zülküf Gezen

Tens of thousands of people from Kobanî organized march in solidarity with Zülküf Gezen, one of the victims of the Turkish occupation prisons, who lost his life yesterday.


A large crowd of Syrians marched in the center of the northern city of Kobanî in a solidarity march with Zülküf Gezen, who lost his life yesterday after 18 days of hunger strike in a Turkish state prison demanding lifting the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan in Imrali prison.

The participants carried pictures of Zülküf Gezen as they launched slogans calling for an escalation of the struggle in all regions of Kurdistan in the face of the Turkish occupation, especially on the first anniversary of the occupation of Afrin by Turkey.

The march witnessed widespread popular participation and the attendance of administrators of the Autonomous Administration and representatives of political parties.



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