Martyr Agid Academy prepares staff for third secondary curriculum

To qualify the  third secondary curriculum staff, 85 teachers from Al-jazeera region receive training at the Academy of the Martyr Agid Cilo in Qamishlo city, in order to develop their abilities on methods of teaching the modern curricula.

The Education Authority in Al-Jazeera Region approved the introduction of the third secondary curriculum in its literary and scientific branches into the academic year 2020/2021, in addition to closing all schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education to the Syrian government in the Autonomous Administration areas and the courses of the private  institutes.

After introducing the modern curricula in schools affiliated to the Education Authority in the Autonomous Administration of the north and East of Syria, it finished preparing the third secondary curricula in its scientific and literary branches for teaching in the next academic year.

In order to qualify the teachers , the Academy of Martyr Agid Cilo opened a training course for teachers on July 1.  85 teachers from all areas of Al-Jazeera and from all specializations receive their training on teaching methods in the new curriculum.

Each course lasts for 7 days to 10 days. The training mechanism will continue to be in the form of consecutive batches for all male and female teachers in various specializations. In each week, 6 specializations are specified for their training, and the  Arabic specialization will be in Al-Hasakah city .

Among the projects of the Education Authority in Al-Jazeera region was to present the school year for 2020/2021 for a period of 20 days to compensate students for what they had missed from the previous year due to the curfew it had witnessed of Coronavirus.

On the objectives of the training course, the administrator at the Academy of the Martyr   Cilo  Samira Haj Ali explained, "The schools under the precautionary measures to curb the Corona pandemic. We are making our efforts to end the training until mid-August, so the schools are scheduled to open on August 20, 2020."

Samira said: "We strive to develop their capabilities and build an advanced ground from the scientific side, in order to be able to raise students to the university level on a solid scientific ground" .

Teacher Gabbir Mustafa Omar from Derik expressed her opinion about the training: “We are gaining new experiences, It gives us a good opportunity to teach students in modern methods.”



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