Martyr Avista Groups: our sole objective is to free Afrin

The Groups of Martyr Avista announced that they would be groups to avenge the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries for the violations that are still taking place in Afrin. The groups said in a statement that their goal was to liberate Afrin along with the Afrin Liberation Forces, which are leading the military operations against the occupation.


A group of young women of Afrin during a military gathering, issued a statement to public opinion today, announcing the formation of Groups of Martyr Avista to avenge the Turkish occupation and liberate Afrin.

They would be the revenge groups for Avista, Barin and all the comrades, and they would continue walking on the path of truth.

The text of the statement is:

"The Groups of the Martyr Avista congratulated all the girls of Afrin on the occasion of March 8th, in Afrin area, where they dedicated the feast to all the martyrs of the Resistance of the Age.

As it is known that since a year, Afrin is under the control of the occupation in all its forms, where the bulk of their practices and violations of inhumane ongoing targeting women and children, from the killing and the imposition of cultural genocide with all its power through these practices. During that year, many women and children were abducted, raped and subjected to the immoral acts by Turkish fascism and its mercenaries.

On this basis, we, as girls of the Afrin region, affirm that the adequate response to these practices is to retaliate against the occupation and its mercenaries and liberate Afrin from this and defeat the Turkish occupation by raising the level of struggle at all levels.

We affirm that we have one goal: the liberation of Afrin. On this basis, we reiterate our assertion that we will be together with Afrin Liberation Forces, which are currently leading the military operations against the occupation, and will take our place in the forefront of these operations in the coming period.

Once again, we congratulate all Afrin women on the occasion of International Women's Day March 8. "



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