Martyr Shiyar Military Academy ended its 1st  training course

Martyr Shiyar Military Academy of the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) ended the first training course in Tel Berak district, in al-Jira region for the Arab component, during a graduation ceremony.


The graduation ceremony of the course which was named "Martyr Serbest", the real name Ayman al-Hamo, who was martyred on 11 February 2019 while participating in the battle to defeat terrorism in al-Bagouz, was attended by commanders and fighters of SDF and the families of the martyrs Shiyar and Serbest.

The course lasted for 30 days, during which the fighters received military training to dismantle and install weapons, self-defense, political and ideological lessons.

The ceremony of ending the course began with a holding minute of silence, followed by delivering a speech by the commander, Khairi Dermoush, in which he welcomed the audience and praised the struggle of SDF to eliminate IS mercenaries.

Dermoush promised his comrades and their families to follow their path. He wished the fighters to benefit from the training they received within the academy.

After the speeches were delivered the fighter who completed the course took the oath, and the commanders saluted the fighters who ended the course.

It is worth mentioning that the academy named the martyr Shiyar the real name Thaer Diab, who was martyred during his participation in the battle of al-Jazeera Tempest" Hajin" on 26 January 2018.




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