Martyrs' families in Kobani: We demand Daesh mercenaries trial here

The families of the martyrs in Kobani canton called for establishing an international court in Kobani to try Daesh mercenaries, who were captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the battle to liberate al-Bagouz.

On March 23, 2019, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the liberation of al-Bagouz village and the victory over Daesh. In the battle to liberate al-Baguoz, many mercenaries surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces. In this context, the families of the martyrs called for the establishment of an international court in Kobani to try these mercenaries.

The families of the martyrs in Kobani canton explained that the beginning of Daesh defeat was at the hands of their children in Kobani.

The mother of Martyr Alan Ararat, Najla Sheikho, pointed out that her son's dreams in defeating Daesh had come true and she said: "I demand the world to hold Daesh mercenaries accountable in Kobani because the beginning of its defeat was from here... I am proud of my son because this victory is the outcome of their struggle."

Aisha Mohammed, the wife of the martyr Mohammed Khader, said: "We want all the families of the martyrs to be present during the trial of mercenaries, with our resistance and limitless will, we have defeated Daesh, we call for their trial." She added, "whenever we present a martyr, hundreds will come forward to carry their weapons and join the resistance."

"The blood of our children has given fruit, I congratulate my daughter on defeating Daesh. You have to try Daesh mercenaries in Kobani because it started from here and will end here, too," said Mohammed Ahmed, the father of the martyr Zilan Dijwar.

"As we defeated Daesh, we will defeat its supporters and partners." Concluded father of martyr Zilan.


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