Martyrs' families: International community must help DAA to prosecute  IS' detainees

The martyrs' families in Girê Spî canton called on the International Community to help the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria (DAA) and contribute to the establishment of courts on the Syrian territory under the international supervision to hold accountable IS mercenaries detainees who were arrested by the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), and stressed that " at first the international community must hold Turkey accountable before holding accountable its mercenaries."


A number of families of martyrs in Girê Spî called on the international community to support DAA to establish courts to hold mercenaries accountable during interviews was conducted by Hawar News Agency reporters.

Hassan Mohammed, one of the families of the martyrs of the people of Girê Spî, stressed the need to establish a court in the areas of DAA under international supervision.

"We have to be present to make sure they have received a fair punishment," said Hassan, the brother of martyr Delovan Mohammed, who was martyred in the campaign to liberate the city of Manbij from IS.

SDF have arrested thousands of foreign mercenaries in their military operations to fight terrorism. None of the countries has shown any willingness to restore them.

"Turkey is the main supporter for IS"

Hanifa Kheder, the father of martyr Salah al-Kheder, who was martyred in Girê Spî, expressed his opinion on the issue of the detainees, saying: "Turkey must be held accountable first because it is a base for the mercenaries.

"The European countries will not hold them accountable for more than a year or two and will therefore be re-exported to our regions.".

The father of the martyr added that "our children sacrificed their lives to liberate these lands from mercenaries

, we will not accept transferring the mercenaries abroad and therefore release them there."

"Turkey is trying to invest the elements of IS"

Mayada al-Nu'man pointed out that Turkey, through its statements showed its ability to restore the detainees because it wants to train them again and invest them in areas of northern and eastern Syria or other areas to serve as pretext for occupying more Syrian territory.

Mayada al-Nu'man is the sister of the martyr Muhammad Nu'man, a member of the Syrian Democratic Forces who was martyred in 2016 during the battle to liberate the Tishrin dam from IS.

Mayada warned of the intentions of the Turkish colonial state and the failure of its previous plan to occupy these areas.

She stressed that a court must be established in northern and eastern Syria under the supervision of the United Nations to hold those mercenaries accountable.



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