Martyrs' families of Sarzori: Our children's dream achieved

During the struggle against IS, the areas of north and east of Syria had witnessed decisive battles led by the children of the area who fought strongly and provided their souls in order to defeat IS' mercenaries. Today, with approaching the announcement of defeating IS in north Syria, the martyrs' parents say the dream of their children is being achieved.


In Sarzori school ,13 fighters of the People and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) fought bravely against IS in September 16, 2014 when they have just launched attacks on the city of Kobani which later won after 134 days of resistance.

The 13 fighters in Sarzori village withstand when IS launched their attacks, and they fortified inside its school confronting IS' tanks, and they fought bravely till they rose to the rank of martyrdom.

The parents of the martyrs of Sarzori school say that IS was defeated by the sacrifices made by their children, asserting that the dream of their children was achieved and IS was defeated.

The mother of the struggler Peyman Tolihdan, one of the fighters who fought in Sarzori epic expressed her joy to defeat IS, asserting that her daughter's dream and the dream of all the martyrs who lost their lives in the face of IS is being achieved.

Rabia Bekki added, "It was difficult time for the people of Kobani. Without the resistance of Sarzori school, we would have not returned to our land and lived freely. The guerrilla operation carried out by my daughter and her comrades laid the foundations for defeating IS and took revenge for Şengal women."

Rabia remembers what her daughter and her friends said on the radio, "My daughter Peyman Tolidhan and her comrades, before carrying out their guerrilla operation, called on IS' mercenaries and told them, "We will not let you desecrate our pure land. We will make our bodies shields against your tanks, your weapons and your strength."

When the mercenaries' tanks advanced towards the school where the13 fighters were holed up, they shouted over the radio and told the commanders who were listening to them, "Forgive us because we will not back down, we will not let IS enter our city."



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