Martyrs' families: Our children's sacrifices were crowned with victory

In conjunction with the announcement of the defeat of IS mercenaries, a number of martyrs' families in the city of Raqqa expressed their pride in the sacrifices made by their children in order to protect the northern and eastern regions of Syria. The martyrs' families confirmed that the sacrifices of their children were crowned with victory.


The people of the city of al-Raqqa and its countryside suffered for years from the oppression of IS mercenaries during their occupation. With SDF's announcement of IS defeat, the families of the martyrs in al-Raqqa expressed their pride in the sacrifices made by their children.

Aboud Al-Muhaimid, the father of Martyr Firas and a citizen of the city of al-Raqqa, said: "Today we are unable to express our happiness and joy in the victories of our forces. I also congratulate all families of the martyrs and tell them that the blood of your children has not been wasted. Newroz eid's joy has doubled with the victory over IS and here history repeats itself, yesterday Kawa the Blacksmith triumphed and today the Syrian Democratic Forces. "

 "I salute all the military forces for fulfilling the pledge they made to the martyrs to complete their journey to the last drop of their blood, and to follow the march of struggle. Today, our children are satisfied with the victory of their comrades over mercenaries and the removal of the black cloud that covered our city, those mercenaries have used religion and the killing of innocent people, children and the elderly and violating the honor of people."

The father of the martyr said that "Turkey tried to restore the glory of the Ottoman state through its control over the areas of north-east Syria and was the first sponsor and supporter of terrorism, but its dream was not and will not be achieved, and all its plans have failed, and the victories of our troops Syrian Democratic Forces in al-Bagouz are the best example, we will be next to our troops at any time."

 For his part, Mahmoud Abdul Halim Bakr al-Mousa, the son of the martyr Abdul Halim said: "The Syrian Democratic Forces provided thousands of martyrs and faced the largest terrorist forces which the world stood unable to confront."

"The duty that we have as a family of martyrs is to establish more intellectual courses in order to eliminate the ideas that were planted by mercenaries, and the children of the city of al-Raqqa, especially the children, have been deprived of their right to learn and work to restore joy to their lives and compensate the bitter days they have lived. "

Brother of martyr Adnan Ahmad noted, "we offer this victory to all peoples in northern Syria, we hope this year will be a year of victories", addressing Afrin people, he said "the strong will makes the impossible, we have liberated Kobani, Manbij and al-Raqqa, SDF will resist till liberating Afrin."


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