Martyrs families: our martyrs’ sacrifices fruited in great victory

The mother of martyr Feisal, Fatima al-Jassim at the commemoration of 55 martyrs of February month, said “We have offered thousands of martyrs for the salvation and cleansing this land from terrorism like Daesh and its supporters, we are proud today that their sacrifices have fruited in great victory by eliminating IS in last strongholds.


Martyrs’ Families Institution organized commemoration ceremonies of 55 martyrs of the Syrian Democratic Forces, People’s Protection Units, Women’s Protection Units, Self-Defense Forces, Interior Security Forces, the Syriac Military Council who martyred in February at different years and places, in the shrine of Martyr Dalil Sarokhan.

The ceremony, which was attended by hundreds of residents of Qamishlo and the families of the martyrs, began with a minute of silence followed by a speech on behalf of the families of the martyrs by Fatima al-Jassim, the mother of the martyr Feisal, who said: "Our martyrs are the torch of freedom and peace, because they sacrificed their lives for the liberation of their land and their people to enjoy peace and cleansed this land from the abomination of terrorism. For seven years of continuous struggle, our children have been fighting against obscurantist forces such as Daesh and the like as well as its supporters. Today we raise our heads with pride in our martyrs because their sacrifices have fruited a great victory in eliminating Daesh in its last strongholds.”

Fatima noted that IS mercenaries supported by the Turkish occupation tried to stir strife among the components, but their plans have been a failure thanks to the cohesion of north and east Syria components whose children’s blood mixed defending their land in the face of the mercenaries.”

The commemoration ceremonies ended with reading the martyrs’ documents, then voices rose glorifying martyrs and their memory.


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