Martyrs' families supported parties' positions that refused to try Daesh out of Syria

The martyrs' families in Qamishlo canton supported the Kurdish parties' positions on the necessity of trying Daesh in the areas of north and east of Syria under international supervision.

French Justice Minister Nicole Beloube announced on June 6 to the media that she had discussed with European countries the idea of forming an international court in Iraq to try mercenaries. This hypothesis was put forward at the European level with a number of ministers of interior and justice, especially in Germany and Spain And Italy.

Kurdish parties in Syria at a press conference on June 8 after an emergency meeting in the city of Qamishlo rejected any proposals or decisions to try mercenaries outside the Syrian border and called on parties to try mercenaries in the Autonomous Administration areas of northern and eastern Syria.

The families of the martyrs in Qamishlo condemned all the statements calling for the formation of an international tribunal for mercenaries outside the territory of northern and eastern Syria. They also praised the position of the Kurdish parties in this regard. They called for the formation of the International Tribunal for the prosecution of mercenaries, where mercenaries committed massacres.

"We, as martyrs' families, call for the formation of an international tribunal on the territory of northern and eastern Syria, because the mercenaries committed the most heinous crimes against humanity on this land, and destroyed most of the infrastructure, service institutions and property of the people of the region," Mohi al-Din Hassan the father of the martye Jan Welat said.

We support the position of the Kurdish parties

"We support the political parties for the formation of an international tribunal in the northern and eastern regions of Syria, under international auspices to prosecute mercenaries, who are now in the prisons the Autonomous Administration and the SDF," Nejah Said the mother of the martyr Jan Shevan said.

Daesh mercenaries must be tried before the eyes of the martyrs' mothers

The father of the martyr Nuzd Ali Nuzd from the city of Derik said: We presented thousands of martyrs and thousands of wounded in order to put an end to the ideology of Daesh and the salvation of humanity, so we reject trying Daesh out of Syria."



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