Martyrs' Families: Turkey tries to repeat Afrin scenario in our regions

The families of the martyrs in the city of Manbij and its countryside denounced the threats of the Turkish occupation to launch attacks on north and east Syria noting that the Turkish occupation tries to repeat Afrin scenario of violations in north and east areas, confirming their insistence to walk on the martyrs' path


Hundreds of martyrs' families gathered in the public square in the center of Manbij city on Saturday to make a statement about Turkish threats to launch attacks on north and east Syria.

The martyrs' families raised the flags of the Martyrs' Families Council, Defense and Self-Defense Forces, and pictures of the martyrs, in addition to banners reading: "With the blood of our martyrs, our city is liberated and with the determination of our youth we will protect it."

At the beginning, the participants stopped a minute of silence and then read the statement by the administrator Ibrahim al-Khalif.

We condemn the Turkish threats to our liberated areas. Recently, the threats of the Turkish state to north and east Syria have increased again. We have seen what happened in Afrin. A year has passed since the occupation of the city of Afrin and on 20 January, The Turkish occupation stormed and occupied Afrin city, whose people resisted their will and courage for 58 days in the face of the Turkish state supporting terrorism. The occupation burned the olive trees and destroyed the houses even the martyrs' shrine revealed their hatred and mutilated the bodies of our martyrs. Now they want to repeat Afrin scenario in north and east Syria, We as Martyrs' Families Council demand to ban air pitted on our areas and we will protect our country from any aggression against it and will not allow any renewal of the glories of the Ottomans in our country."

During the statement, the martyrs' families vowed to follow the path of martyrs, sacrifice and redemption to achieve justice and democracy and to build a pluralistic, democratic, moral and decentralized society.

The statement ended with slogans "Long live free and proud Manbij, long live a democratic Syria, long live to the peoples' brotherhood, martyrs are alive do not die."



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