Martyrs' families: We cannot live without home land, we struggle in confrontation occupation 

Martyrs' families in al-Shahba canton have repeated their determination to resist and withstand in the face of the occupation, alluding that the stage reached by the regions of northern and eastern Syria is thanks to the sacrifices of "our martyrs

In the midst of reactions against the Turkish occupation, the people of Afrin who live in al-Shahba their determination is increasing day by day on steadfastness in the face of the Turkish occupation plans.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) met of the Martyrs families' views in al-Shahba canton.

The member of Martyrs Families' Council Khalil Ahmad said that" the areas of north and east of Syria have watered with the blood thousands of the martyrs of the components of the area, noting that all the sacrifices have been provided by all the components, we have become one hand in the face of foreign policies that have affected the peoples' fraternity.

Our resistance has not finished yet

Adnan Sheikh Mohammed, brother of the martyr "Hawar" pointed out, "We are suffering difficult conditions in the areas of al-Shahba, and this does not mean that our resistance ended, but quite the opposite, we promised our martyrs to liberate Afrin."

In her turn, Sabhan Hussein, the wife of the martyr Abdul Rahman, touched upon the role of the mothers and wives of the martyrs and the sacrifices of their children. "Our resistance in Afrin is continuing, in which we have provided thousands of martyrs and we will offer thousands more to liberate them," she said.

"We, as wives and mothers of martyrs, can live without our children, but we cannot live without a homeland. On this basis, we have taken a decision to protect our regions from outside interference and escalate our resistance against the Turkish occupation," she added.



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