Martyrs' families:'Turkey will not deceive us'

The people and families of martyrs in the city of Kobanî said  that they will not be fooled by the policy of the Turkish occupation, which aims to break the resistance and struggle of the Kurdish people seeking to end the isolation and the liberation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Turkish authorities have imposed severe isolation on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan since 2011, and prevented his lawyer and his family from meeting with him, and in condemning the isolation imposed on Ocalan the Kurdish people organized various activities on a global level, and thousands went on hunger strike led by Leyla Guven, which continues in its 181st day.

The Turkish authorities allowed the lawyers of Ocalan to meet him in this regard, Hawar  agency held meetings with a number of families of martyrs in the city of Kobanî, who confirmed their support and solidarity with the hunger strikers, and said they will not stop until the end of the era of fascism.

"We know the policy of the Turkish state and we will not be deceived by such meeting. Turkey aims, through its policy, to break the resistance and struggle of the Kurdish people they show for the freedom of Ocalan," said Amina Daban, the mother of the martyr Amed Kobanî.

"The Turkish state will not be able to deceive us, because we have not and will not accept these meetings. Our goal is the freedom of Ocalan, and we will continue our struggle in all parts of the world, even inside prisons," said Avin Meho, a sister of martyr Serkhabon Kobanî.

Hewwa Darwish said that the Turkish fascism will soon fall due to its wrong policies. The resistance will win adding "We will continue this resistance and struggle until the liberation of leader Ocalan from Imrali prison."

"There is little left for the Turkish state to face the collapse from within because of its dirty policy. We will continue our struggle until the last drop of blood in our bodies," citizen Jihad Ali said.



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