Martyrs of security, military forces at Tel Koçer fire

Two members of the al-Sanadid forces and a member of the Asayîş forces were martyred while extinguishing the fire that broke out in the fields of Tel Koçer villages.

Five people were martyred and several others were injured, including military and security forces, as they tried to extinguish the fires that broke out in the crops of Tal Alo and Girê Fati villages related to Tel Kocer.

In the afternoon, fires broke out in agricultural crops in the vicinity of Tal Alo and Girê Fati villages in Tel Koçer, in Derik district.

Firefighters and civilian committees, as well as fighters of the People's and Women's Protection Units and the Asayîş and emergency forces, rushed to the scene of the fire.

Sources from the Sanadid forces said two of their fighters were martyred as they were attempting to put out the fire. A source from the Asayîş forces also confirmed one of its members was martyred extinguishing the fire, without giving details of the identity of the martyrs.

Firefighters and residents were able to control the fire while the area was still on alert for any other fires.


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