Martyrs' parents demand to form IC in north, east of Syria

The martyrs' parents in Tel-Hamis district in Al-Jazeera region have demanded from world states and human rights organization to form an international court in north and east of Syria to try IS' prisoners, who have increased a burden on Autonomous Administration (AA), in particular to put pressure on their countries which refused to return them.


Autonomous Administration (AA) in North and East of Syria is ongoing with the countries which have citizens, who have joined to IS and are now held in (AA) prisons, where IS' elements, children and wives are captured in AA's camps demanded their countries to return them to their home.

The martyrs' parents in Al-Jazeera region it is very necessary to form IC to try IS in north and east of Syria, Mohammed Khalaf Khaliwei, the father of the martyr Azad, the Real name Khalid Khalawi, who was martyred during his participation in one of the campaigns by SDF said: Khalid Khleiwi and all the martyrs of north and east of Syria, who sacrificed their lives in order to liberate us from the tyranny of a terrorist organization,"Daseh" by virtue of their sacrificed our cities and areas have been liberated.

Mohammed Khalaf Khaliawi called on international countries, the United Nations and human rights organizations to form an international court in north and east of Syria to try the prisoners in the prisons of AA and Syrian Democratic Forces, and said "Their numbers are large and they are a burden on Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, in particular their countries refuse to receive them and try them in their own countries. "

Saleh al-Khalaf, the brother of the martyr Zahra al-Khalaf, said: "During the battles between SDF and IS, the forces arrested thousands of IS' mercenaries and now they are in the prisons of the forces. And added " He explained that foreign agendas entered Syrian territory from around the world, and they joined to Jabhet al-Nusra's mercenaries, Ahrara al-Sham and Islamic State's mercenaries.

Saleh called for the formation of an internationally recognized tribunal in north and east of Syria to try IS' prisoners those who came from different countries of the world and called on the International Coalition to help SDF to get rid of non-Syrian foreign mercenaries.



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