Martyrs' parents in Afrin: We demand to establish IC to try Daesh

The martyrs' families of Afrin who were martyred during their participation in Kobani resistance against Daesh demanded to establish an international court in the city of Kobani to try Daesh mercenaries detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), while they said that the defeat of Daesh came by virtue of sacrifices of their children who defended their land and people.

Syrian Democratic Forces announced the victory over Daesh mercenaries and defeating them on March 23, during a statement made in al-Omar in Deir ez-Zor city. Thousands of mercenaries surrendered themselves, after receiving harsh blows and their inability to stand and withstand the will of the fighters.

Martyrs' families of Afrin canton, whose children had been martyred during their participation in the resistance of Kobani and their confrontation the attacks of Daesh mercenaries in 2015, demanded the international community to establish an international tribunal to try mercenaries surrendered in Kobani and consider them perpetrators of the most heinous crimes against the Syrian people, in particular against the Kurds.

Nihad Mustafa, the father of the martyr Judy Shaheen, said: "Daesh mercenaries have committed crimes against our people, committed massacres against unarmed civilians and displaced the people from their areas."

Mustafa added: "Our people were martyred in defense of their land, and we as martyrs' families demand to establish of an urgent international court on the land on which our children were martyred to try Daesh mercenaries."

For her part, Hanifa Sheikho, the mother of martyr Mazloum, who was martyred during the resistance of Kobani in 2015, said, "After Daesh was defeated by SDF, we want to prosecute mercenaries through the international society by establishing an international court in Kobani, the city where my son was martyred. And we want to try them with the attendance of all martyrs' families."



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