Martyrs' parents: Martyrs' blood was not in vain, SDF achieve their wish

The wives and mothers of the martyrs noted that the martyrs' wish is achieved today on the ground with the imminent IS' defeat, and said, "The blood of our martyrs was not in vain."


During the liberation campaigns launched by SDF in north and east of Syria to eliminate IS' mercenaries, thousands of north and east of Syria from all components rose to the rank of martyrdom.

Those martyrs sacrificed themselves to eradicate IS' mercenaries, in addition to live freely on the principle of the democratic nation and the people's fraternity, and with the approach of the elimination of IS' mercenaries in their last strongholds on the geography of north and east of Syria, the martyrs' dreams are achieved.

The wife of martyr Abu Shadi, Hanan Mustafa said in this regard, "SDF that embrace all components of the Syrian people revenge for all martyrs and realize their aspirations on the ground."

Hanan pointed out that IS' mercenaries tried to eliminate the freedom of the peoples, but the martyrs and thanks to their sacrifices transferred the people to safety and thanks to their sacrifices, IS mercenaries are defeated.

"The suffering witnessed by the women and children of the city of al-Raqqa is indescribable, so my father and three of my brothers joined the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces to took avenge of IS' mercenaries who turned our lives into hell. We are proud that our land was stained with the blood of our martyrs," said Hiba al-Abdullah, the daughter of a martyr.



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