Martyrs' parents: Sacrifices of our children achieved victory

"The sacrifices of our children made a victory" with these words, the martyrs' parents have expressed their happiness to defeat Daesh, declaring the victory over Deash, and the martyrs' parents pledged to continue their resistance till liberating Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

On Saturday, the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has announced on Saturday during statement released in al-Omar field in Deir-ez-Zor the victory over Daesh and defeating them in the last stronghold in Syria. Then, the celebrations have spread in all the areas of north and east of Syria for this victory.

SDF have provided more than 11,000 martyrs who rose to the rank of martyrdom, and many of civilians were left as victims as they were the target of intimidation of Daesh.

Abdul Karim al-Ibrahim, the father of the martyr Ahmed Abo al-Rish has congratulated the victory to SDF and all the world, and he expressed his happiness that the sacrifices of his son and his comrades did not go in vain, pointing out that the battle has not finished yet and that the martyrs' parents will be in the first row in the major battle "the battle of Afrin liberation."

Abdul Karim al-Ibrahim stressed the necessity to combat IS' ideology which is still implanted in some minds through the clerics who have to differentiate between religion and extremism through the platforms and mosques.

"The will of the people in the north of Syria has surpassed all wills. We have won over terrorism and we will eliminate whoever made the terrorism," Ibrahim continued.

For her part, Ibtisam al-Ibrahim, the mother of the martyr Ali al-Humaidi congratulated the victory of SDF that remained faithful to the martyrs to continue their path till liberating the last inch of the Syrian territories from IS' abomination.

Ibtisam al-Ibrahim added, "For two years since the martyrdom of my son Ali, I have been sad. Today, I am happy and proud that the martyrs' sacrifices have achieved victory. We will stay on their path until the liberation of the entire Syrian territories from the Turkish occupation."



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