Mass demonstration in Aleppo calls for Afrin liberation

Under 'Together to Liberate Afrin' a mass demonstration was held today in the city of Aleppo calling for termination of Turkish occupation.

On the fourth annual anniversary of the Turkish occupation onslaught against the Afrin Canton a mass demonstration was held today in the city of Aleppo where tens of thousands of Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and Turkoman of Ashrafiye and Sheiykh Maqsud Quarters of the city took part condemning the Turkish occupation of Afrin and the crimes committed there by Turkish forces and their affiliated mercenary groups.

After a minute of silence was observed, YPG's Shervan Afrin made a speech in which he said: 'we will return to Afrin by the will of our people and by the spirit of resistance'', Shervan added '' the Turkish state will be defeated in the face of our resistance that is emanated from the leader Ocalan and the confidence of our people''.

Shevan said' Afrin was occupied because it is the pearl of Kurdistan and the potential riches there and its embodiment of history and heritage of the people of the region''.

In turn, Fatima Hesino made a speech on behalf of women of resistance saying '' we left our homes forcibly, but we will return by the will of resistance and our determination, we will return victorious''.

Fatima Hesino went on to say Turkish occupation state did not stop at occupation of Afrin alone rather it interferes in North eastern Syria and seeks to subvert the will of resistance''.

At the end Hesino pledged to proceed on the way undertaken by martyrs to '' liberate all lands at the first of which Afrin. Afrin is a national case which compels all Syrian people to move for its support''.



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