Mass protests in Israel demanding Netanyahu to leave the government

Israeli media reported that thousands of Israeli demonstrators went out in Tel Aviv, outside the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to protest against Netanyahu's domestic policy and demand quitting the government.

Israeli media said that about 2,500 demonstrators, according to police estimates, are now protesting in front of Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem, to demand his departure, while there is a large and similar demonstration in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu.

In the same regard, Isشraeli political sources suggested, this evening, Saturday, that the weekly cabinet meeting will not be held in Tel Aviv, tomorrow, Sunday, due to the continuing differences between Likud and Blue and White over the government's budget.

A senior Likud official told the media: "The ministers of the Blue and White party led by Benny Gantz rejected the meeting's agenda, and despite that, government members have not received a notification so far not to convene."

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation stated: "The differences cast a shadow over the future of the government, and contacts are frozen between the two parties, and no meeting between Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu has been determined."

According to sources from Gantz's party, his ministers are determined in their stance on the budget, after realizing that Netanyahu is heading towards the elections.

Netanyahu is asking for approval of the government's budget for the remainder of this year, in preparation for elections and blocking the way for Gantz to head the government, according to their agreement, while Gantz insists on approving it for a year and a half according to the coalition agreement between them.

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