Massive march in Amuda commemorating resistance of Heftenin and July 14th, condemning occupation's attacks

Today, the Amuda District Council in Qamishlo canton, in cooperation with the Kongra Star, organized a massive march condemning the Turkish attacks on Başûr Kurdistan, North and East Syria, saluting at the same time Heftenin Resistance and recalling the martyrs of the July 14th Resistance in the Turkish prisons.

The demonstrators gathered in the Martyr Jihad Square, and carried banners with "In the spirit of July 14th Resistance, we will defeat treachery and occupation," "The resistance of July 14 will remain a guiding light for us, and we will defeat tyranny and liberate the homeland" written on. They roamed the main street leading to the Women's Free Square.

A number of members of civil institutions in the Autonomous Administration, as well as members of the Kongra Star, in addition to the people of Amuda district participated in the demonstration. During the demonstration, the participants raised the flags of the Kongra Star, and pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, chanting slogans that salute the resistance of Heftenin by the People's Defense Forces in the face of the attacks of the Turkish occupation, commemorate the martyrs of the resistance of July 14th in the prisons of the Turkish fascism, and slogans denouncing and condemning all practices and crimes committed by Turkey against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria.

The demonstrators roamed the main street leading to the Women's Free Square in the center of the district, and then they held a minute of silence in tribute for the souls of the martyrs of freedom and dignity, stressing at its conclusion to raise the pace of struggle and go out to the arenas until the end of the Turkish occupation's attacks and taking it out of the areas it occupied.


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