Masum Pamay's corpse buried in Jazir

The corpse of the martyr Masum Pamay who is 22 years old and who carried out an action of self-sacrifice to condemn the isolation imposed on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in the prison of Kherbet Dima in Turkey was bid farewell in the cemetery of Jazir district in Şirnex city under the siege imposed by the Turkish occupation soldiers.

The parliamentarian of the Democratic Peoples' Party Nuran Emir and his family received the corpse of Pamay on Friday night and transferred it to Jazir on Saturday morning. When Pamay's corpse arrived on Jazir, the Turkish occupation forces imposed a siege on the city.

When the corpse arrived at Jazir hospital, the Turkish state soldiers told parliamentarians of the Democratic Peoples' Party that if the people taking part in the funeral exited, they would not be allowed to take the funeral out of the hospital. Therefore, the parliamentarians of the Democratic Peoples' Party and Pamay's family went out with the corpse from the hospital and headed for the cemetery of Assri in Jazir.

The Turkish state soldiers encircled the cemetery and allowed only Pamay's family to enter the cemetery. The corpse of Pamay was buried amid the siege of the soldiers.

Since February 20, seven political detainees and eight people have carried out commando operations condemning the isolation imposed by the Turkish state on Ocalan since 2011. The Turkish state has not allowed the people to participate in the funeral of the martyrs.



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