Mazloum Abdi: Our meeting is to build a force that will guarantee free, united Syria

Mazloum Abdi indicated that they would assess the status of their forces and lay the foundations for their work during the next phase to build a military force that would guarantee a unified free Syria. He said that without Afrin there can be no peace in Syria, calling on Damascus to negotiate with the Autonomous Administration and SDF.

The meeting began with a speech by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazloum Abdi.

Mazloum Abdi said at the beginning of his speech, "We hold today the annual meeting of our military councils after we achieved victory over ISIS by supporting the International Coalition, and we are holding this meeting to assess the military and political victories we have achieved, our weak and strong points are to lay the foundations for our military action to protect our areas in the next phase, that is, after ISIS and to spread security and stability in all our regions and Syria in general. "

Our meeting is the basis for building a military force that will guarantee a free and united Syria

"This meeting will be the basis for building a military force that will guarantee a unified free Syria. We face great military challenges that threaten the future of our country, especially ISIS. ISIS remains strong and ISIS still insists on destroying this homeland," he said. "It is widespread in the region and among populated areas through its sleeper cells, so fighting ISIS is one of the most important topics of our meeting."

"At the same time, we encourage the International Coalition to join in supporting our forces to achieve the final victory against ISIS," said Mazloum Abdi.

Turkey's attacks have negatively affected our forces' campaigns against ISIS

"We have previously confirmed that the Turkish attack on Afrin has negatively affected the SDF's campaign against ISIS, and Turkish threats to our forces are hampering the efforts of our forces and the International Coalition Forces to defeat ISIS," said Mazloum Abdi.

"We announce that we will exert all efforts to achieve compatibility with the Turkish state in coordination with the United States and there are preliminary agreements to establish security in the region through border points and we will be a positive party to this process," he said.

Without Afrin's return to its people, there will be no lasting peace in Syria

"We affirm that Afrin is an important step for the success of the peace process between us and Turkey," Mazloum Abdi said in his speech.

We demand Damascus to negotiate with AA and SDF

Through this platform, we ask Damascus to negotiate with representatives of the autonomous administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces, and to favor a political solution, on the principle of recognizing democratic self-administrations and recognizing the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people within Syria.

We began to restructure our troops

At the end of his speech, the commander of the SDF Mazloum Abdi touched on the restructuring of their forces. We have achieved great victories in this field and started to form military councils in all regions and formed specialized professional forces, "Through this meeting, we will begin the process of restructuring SDF by forming a general council that will unite all the council under our umbrella."



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