Meeting reveals ENKS' involvement in Turkish intelligence tricks

Informed sources revealed that a meeting was held between the Turkish intelligence and leaders of the so-called Kurdish National Council, in which the Turkish intelligence requested the latter to send periodic reports to it while ENKS demanded Turkish support and acceptance of a symbolic force of the so-called Peshmerga Roj in Afrin, but their last request was rejected.

The so-called Kurdish National Council, which was established in Başûr Kurdistan (Kurdistan Region of Iraq) on 26 October 2011, under the auspices of the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani, widely dispersed as a result of the policies of this Council and its association with external agendas and the Syrian coalition. The parties under his umbrella refused to be ruled by one party, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), as his parties declined from 15 to 4 parties, as well as some small parties.

This council, which claims to be calling for the rights of the Kurdish people in Syria, has not been able to achieve any Kurdish demands through the so-called Syrian opposition yet, because this opposition rejects every project guaranteeing the rights of the Kurds. So far, there are only slogans chanted by officials in the Kurdish National Council.

When the so-called Syrian National Council published "The National Charter: The Kurdish Question in Syria," the document excluded the wording that recognizes the Kurdish nation within Syria, which was included in the final communiqué's draft of the meeting of the friends of Syria in Tunisia. Despite this, the Kurdish National Council diminished its demand for the political decentralization in Syria in late April and promised to approve a joint political program with the rest of the parties called the Syrian opposition.

The so-called Kurdish National Council has returned since the beginning of Rojava Revolution and blown up all the agreements and treaties that were made among the Kurdish parties in Rojava, initially the Kurdish Supreme Commission, and then the Kurdish political reference, except that it defamed all what have been achieved by the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region on the ground through its statements. It worked to implement the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey in Syria and their hostility towards the Kurdish people.

Although the Kurdish National Council denied its work in accordance with the Turkish occupation agendas in the region, the last of which was the occupation of Afrin, the statements issued by the officials of this Council, which individuates the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria and Kurdistan Yekiti in Syria by its decision to refute these allegations. The information also reveals day after day the extent of the complicity of the council's controllers with the Turkish occupation and the intentions they hide against the people of the region.

ENKS leaders met with Turkish intelligence

In this regard, informed sources confirmed that the leaders of the so-called Kurdish National Council (from the Democratic Party and Yekiti) held a meeting with those who are concerned with the Syrian file in the Turkish intelligence.

According to the sources, the meeting was held in mid-2018 and was attended by the Turkish intelligence, whoever concerned with the Syrian file, namely Parish Oloswi and Borgo Tunger, the head of the Department of Lebanon and Syria Affairs and Svan Alhan, while both (K, H and E, B) participated on behalf of the Syrian National Council.

According to the information provided by the informed sources, Parish Oloswi was the one who managed the meeting. During the meeting, Turkey was disturbed by the statement issued by the so-called General Secretariat of the National Council on April 28, 2018, 40 days after the occupation of Turkey to Afrin.

On April 28, 2018, the so-called Kurdish National Council (ENKS) issued a statement to the public opinion. For the first time, one of the practices of the occupation of Turkey for Afrin was condemned but in a shy tune. After the statement, a number of the Council's leaders justified what the statement included and they accused other members of saying that one or two people wrote the statement.

The Turkish intelligence has given orders to the Kurdish National Council not to issue statements condemning the Turkish state.

The official of the Syrian file and member of the Turkish intelligence, Parish Oloswi, told the called (K,H and E, B) that the statement did not serve Turkey's interests and assured them not to repeat such statements.

During the meeting, the two members of the so-called Kurdish National Council confirmed that they were suffering from the internal and external problems in the Council. They called for Turkish support to ease the public pressure on the Council and Turkey's intensification the pressure on the administration of Syria's north and east regions through diplomatic relations.

The Kurdish National Council has asked Turkish intelligence to support it in the region

It is remarkable that the two parties link everything to the Democratic Union Party during the meeting. The Council's two members also complain that Turkey is not taking practical steps to help the Council to be strong and capable of proving itself. This indicates that the Kurdish National Council is powerless and is just a pawn at Turkey's hands. This is also confirmed by Ahmed Ibrahim, who was a member of the Future Movement under the Kurdish National Council, and split from the party with 29 others on 25 November 2018 and joined the Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party.

Ahmed Ibrahim made clear, "We wanted to work for the sake of the safety and service of our people, but unfortunately, every day there were external decisions and the Kurdish National Council was not the owner of any decision, and all its decisions were coming from Başûr, Turkey and Germany, instead of taking its decisions from Qamishlo. We have seen no role of us so we decided to resign it."

They asked to work openly in Afrin, and the presence of the so-called Peshmerga Rojava in Afrin

The members of the so-called Kurdish National Council also asked during the meeting of the Turkish intelligence to open the way for the Council and its parties to work openly in Afrin, in addition to the request for a symbolic force of the so-called Peshmerga Roj in Afrin!!! But the response of the Turkish intelligence was that the coalition is strong and present in Afrin, "Why do not you do through it?" The Kurdish National Council's two members responded again that they have instructed their supporters in Afrin to join the local councils formed by Turkey.

During the meeting, the Turkish intelligence ignored the demands of the two members of the Kurdish National Council and reiterated its position rejecting the statements of the Kurdish National Council, demanding them not to issue such statements again.

They were asked to report on movements and situations in north and east of Syria

The members of the Turkish intelligence wondered at the meeting how the so-called Kurdish National Council can get rid of the Democratic Union Party, and ask them to send periodic reports on all movements and conditions in the north and east of Syria.

The media recently reported the arrest of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in al-Jazeera region some people who were proven to be involved with the Turkish intelligence, but it is noticeable that the General Secretariat of the so-called National Council issued statements indicating that the detainees were members of the Council or media activists and the latest statement was in September 2018.

During the meeting, the members of the Kurdish National Council recognized the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria, and they also acknowledged their receiving the support from the KDP-Iraq and reducing it in the name of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Since its establishment, the so-called Kurdish National Council has been promoting that it is keen about the rights of the Kurdish people, but in fact is acting on the orders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Hewler and the Turkish intelligence in Ankara and Istanbul.

The so-called Kurdish National Council has been involved in the massacre committed by IS' mercenaries against the people of Qamishlo city early in 2014 when two members of the Council reported the movements of the People and Women's Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) to IS mercenaries, who used this information to strike the resistance of these forces.



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