Melvan Resoul: Ocalan's approach is solution to overcome ethnic, racial, religious conflicts

Melvan Resoul said that the capitalist modernity is in a state of internal crisis due to the wrong policies in the Middle East, and the leader of the Kurdish people and philosopher Abdullah Ocalan saw the solution of this dilemma and addressed the reasons and ways to solve it through his analysis of the history.


The issues of the peoples of the Middle East have been severely complicated over the past few years, resulting in great humanitarian tragedies that have disastrous consequences on the ground in many Middle East countries, raising many questions about the root causes of these tragedies.

The leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan discussed several of his writings in a number of theories that included clear visions of the causes of the Middle East crises, the policies of capitalist modernity and the advent of future solutions centered on the theory of the democratic nation.

Melvan Resoul, the member of the General Coordination of the Intellectuals Union in the north and east of Syria touched upon this subject and other topics.

'Capitalism and modernism witness a state of internal crisis'

Resoul said that "capitalist modernity is in a state of internal crisis and this crisis directly reflected on the Middle East, which is in a state of chaos and ongoing conflict as a result of the policies of capitalist modernity and the lack of progress of the democratic project in the Middle East. The thinker Abdullah Ocalan worked to find a solution to this dilemma and consider its causes."

Resoul noted that what the Middle East witnessed of uprisings, revolutions and the conflicts that have been going on for decades is a direct result of the overlap of the policies of capitalist modernity with the projects proposed in the region.

The thinker Ocalan believes that the democratic transition needs the causes and pillars, the most important is the democratic transformation to the individual.

He said, "The thinker Abdullah Ocalan clearly pointed to these crises and conflicts and corrected them in 2009, where he put forward the project of the democratic transition instead of the establishment of a national-state or modernity in changing the pattern of state administration, and saw instead that there is a democratic transition, and this democratic transition needs to the causes and pillars and the most important is the democratic transformation of the individual and then the community until the formation of a democratic state."

"The democratic nation's approach to overcome ethnic, racial and religious conflicts"

On the democratic state, Resoul noted that the democratic state could solve its crises, especially in the Middle East, including ethnic and national issues that are in bitter conflict with tyrannical regimes in the Middle East, including the Kurdish Cause.

The leader and thinker Abdullah Ocalan saw in the establishment of the democratic nation the solution to overcome the ethnic, racial and religious conflicts. This is the creation of a culture and the establishment of a democratic civilization instead of a democratic, federal state. A democracy that can go beyond the massacres, disasters and wars that destroy our region.

The vision of the leader is advanced vision which rectifies the event before its occurrence dozens of years ago

He also noted that what is happening now in the Middle East is a result of the structural crises that Ocalan talked about. There is a difference between whoever discovers the future and whoever lives the present, and the consequences of the present. The leader Abdullah Ocalan is a thinker and philosopher who can read history and predict what will happen in the future as a result of the practices that took place. This is what we see in the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and we hope all the peoples of the region to coexist and resort to the method of dialogue and the establishment of an advanced democratic system, and this is our salvation in Rojava, Kurdistan and the whole of the Middle East.



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