Member of PYD Administrative Body: Some Kurdish parties think of particulars

Member of the Democratic Union Party's (PYD) Administrative Body, Ahmed Khoja, called on the Kurdish parties that he did not name to adopt a Kurdish approach that is far from narrow party interests.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is trying to extend political and military influence over the Zîne Wartê region in Başûr (southern Kurdistan), which lies in a strategic geographic angle between Rania, Soran, Qandil mountain ranges, Helmut and Karukh areas.

In an interview with our agency, Khoja assessed what was being witnessed in that area.

Khojah said: “The Kurdish people are on the verge of a great victory and out of the dark ages, and any partisan action that does not serve the public interest would affect this victory along the lines of previous Kurdish revolutions that failed due to similar policies, and today conditions do not allow deepening these differences.”

In a previous statement, the co-chair of the Leadership Body of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) said that it is not possible to explain the position of the KDP forces build-up in Zîne Wartê region except by preparing for an attack on Qandil, noting that Turkey is working to ignite a war between two Kurdish parties.

Khojah added: "The event in that area created a great dilemma for the Kurdish people in general, and this dispute must be resolved. If we reconsider Kurdish history during the past century, we see that history repeats itself, but we must not make the same mistakes. In the Lausanne Agreement, the Kurdish people were ignored, but now the situation is completely different, the Kurdish people have a free will and achieved great gains in the four parts of Kurdistan.

Referring to the practices of some Kurdish parties in southern Kurdistan, Khojah said, "After the great steps that the Kurdish people have taken towards achieving their freedom and rights, we see large Kurdish parties that differ over one region, and think about the particulars. This entails paying exorbitant prices that our Kurdish people are tired of."

Khojah stressed the need for the Kurdish interest to be the supreme, adding: "Instead of the partial view, all parties should deal with the problem of Zîne Wartê, so that the supreme interest is the interest of all before the part. Only then all disputes will be dispersed and the real convergence of the parties will be possible."

At the end of his speech, member of the Administrative Body of the Democratic Union Party, Ahmed Khoja, called on the Kurdish parties and political forces to "reconsider the existing problem in that region and act in the interests of preserving the interests of the people first."

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