Menza: What Turkey does in NE Syria amounts to genocide

The Vice President of the American Commission for International Religious Freedom called on the international community to bear its responsibilities about what is happening in the occupied areas by Turkey, highlighted that its actions amount to "genocide", and stressed that it is time to impose sanctions on it.

The statements of the Vice President of the American Commission for International Religious Freedom, Nadine Menza, came during a special meeting with ANHA about religious , cultural diversity and coexistence evolution in NE Syria' regions, the Turkish occupation's impact on this diversity, and the international silence about the violations committed by Turkey and its mercenaries against the components of the occupied regions in Syria.

"We, as the Religious Freedom Commission, assess the reality of religions in northern and eastern Syria, there are great achievements and this is the only place in the Middle East where everybody can express their religion and enjoys complete religious freedom." She added: "I am here to see the various regions and how the administrations protect religious freedoms, women's rights, and human rights work, describing the Autonomous Administration as a "great project" and expressed her admiration for the ability of the Autonomous Administration to do this.

Regarding the freedom of religions in the occupied areas, she said: "We presented a report on the situation in Syria which contains many recommendations, one of them is the necessity of Turkey's exit from Syria." she added that "Turkey invaded regions of Syria and prevented freedom of belief and religion." She pointed out that they had a conference last June, she continued by saying: "We have documented the Turkish violations like murder, rape, forced change of religion, kidnapping, destruction of religious sites and demographic change, not only that but also deliberately brought displaced from other areas in Syria to settle them there , all these practices amount to "mass genocide."

She noted that the Commission is very concerned about the areas occupied by Turkey, saying "Women are kidnapped every day. Moreover, the Yazidi shrines are destroyed. There are many reasons that the International Commission should take into consideration where these atrocities occur to religious minorities in the occupied areas.

Concerning the ongoing attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria and threatening peaceful coexistence despite recent agreements between Turkey and the United States of America, she indicated that Turkey is a member state in NATO, which makes the situation very complicated for other member states in dealing with Turkey.

She said in this context: "As you know, part of the work that I do is documenting the conditions here in the Autonomous Administration regions and the occupied areas, our goal is to make the international community look forward to the ignored atrocities committed against minorities. Each country should talk about it, and force Turkey to withdraw from Syria."

she mentioned that Turkey's membership in NATO should not be an excuse for those countries where these atrocities should not be committed against civilians, for untrue reasons.

About what the United States can do to stop the crimes of Turkey and its mercenaries, she said that Turkey's relations with the United States are very intertwined, and US is trying to avoid the fact that Turkey is committing atrocities, but this can no longer be ignored.

She believes that the Congress wanted to pass a sanctions law where it was passed by the House of Representatives, and it would have been passed by the Senate . No doubt,  the Congress has a great desire to impose sanctions on Turkey, adding "It is time for the United States to impose sanctions on Turkey, Erdogan definitely ignored President Trump's instructions not to commit atrocities and kill people."

In the conclusion of her statement to ANHA, the Vice President of the American Commission for International Religious Freedom, Nadine Menza, indicated that it is very important for President Trump to warn Turkey that sanctions must be imposed due to its actions.



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