Mercenaries abduct elderly Afrinian woman as looting proceeds

An elderly woman from the Baflor village of the Jinderes District, was abducted by mercenaries affiliated to Turkish Occupation Forces, as imposition of fines by mercenaries on locals and robbing of their olive outcomes go on.  

According to sources from the district of Jinderes in the occupied Afrin Canton, mercenaries of the so-called Military Police affiliated to the Turkish Occupation Army, have abducted an elderly woman from the village of Baflor in the Jinderes District.

According to the source in question, the woman is called Shafiqa Issa Hamame, 50, she was abducted from her house, as information on her whereabouts are still unknown. 

Worth to note that mercenaries of the so-called 'Ahrar al-Sharqiye'' abducted just yesterday four other civilians of whom three women, from Baflor itself, where they all were taken to an unknown place,


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