Mercenaries in Afrin live on imposition of taxes

Many files are outstanding on what is happening inside Afrin under the domination of the Turkish occupation without any movement to reduce the violations and abuses despite documenting human rights and humanitarian sides of the violations and handing them over to humanitarian and human rights organizations, the United Nations and Russia.

International silence gives the green light to the Turkish occupation to practice its violations against the people of Afrin and isolate Afrin from the Syrian geography through the construction of the partition wall, which exceeded hundreds of meters.

Within the series of violations, what our agency (ANHA) has documented this week, and according to sources, the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sharqiyya kidnapped on 27 April the citizen Haidar Mohammed, at 33, from the village of Jaqla al-Wusta in Shia district, and they released him after a period after his parents paid a ransom of 100 thousand Syrian pounds.

In Mishala village in Shera district, the citizen Nabiha Mustafa and her daughter in law were kidnapped by the mercenaries, and their fate is still anonymous.

The abduction campaign took place in the village of Hebbo in Mobata district, where the citizen Hussein Shawkat was kidnapped a week ago, in addition to kidnapping the lawyer Abdul Rahman Bremja from Kafar Safra village and beating him after he objected to the capture of his brother's house by the mercenaries.

Ibrahim Mohammed Khalil Jerji was abducted from the town of Badina in the village of Mobata on May 3 while he was in an olive field in Dreimeh Valley in the district of Mobata, and his fate remains unknown.

Imposing taxes on the people

The mercenaries of the occupation continue to exploit the situation of the civilians in Afrin, where the mercenaries rely on the taxes to live in light of the scarcity of salaries granted by the Turkish occupation to them.

The mercenaries of al-Hamzat gang imposed on about 85 families existed in Qada village in Rajo district to pay about one and a half million Syrian pounds in order to allow them to plow the olive groves.

Sulaiman Shah mercenaries continue to impose financial taxes on the people of Shia district and its villages in amounts up to thousands of dollars.

Raids and robbery

In the absence of security and stability, the people of Afrin live in panic because of the sudden raids that end with the theft of houses or the kidnapping of citizens to pay the ransom.

On 8 May, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation raided the house of Othman Nuri Mustafa from the village of Joqeh in the city of Afrin. They beat him and stole twenty goats of his. The raid reached Mohammed Hamdoush's house and they stole 15 sheep, goats and an electric generators.

The Turkish occupation seeks by various means to change the identity of Afrin and its basic landmarks, such as changing the names of villages, main streets and public facilities; hospitals, schools and administrative buildings, even dividing the Syrian lands and isolating Afrin through the construction of the partition wall.

The Turkish occupation erected a large picture of Recep Tayyip Erdogan attached with the Turkish flag above the entrance of the Old Bridge in the center of Afrin city.



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