Mid-East youths' 2nd conference initiated in Kobani 

The second conference of the youths of the Middle East was launched under the slogan "With Youth's Pioneer towards a Democratic Middle East" after the upcoming delegations gathered to participate in the conference in the Cultural Center Hall in Kobani north of Syria.


A while ago, the second conference of the Middle East Youths that has been prepared for over the past six months in Kobani city in north Syria on the Turkish border started under the slogan "Youth's Pioneer towards a Democratic Middle East."

Massive crowds have arrived since Wednesday morning from the Middle East countries to the Cultural Center Hall just before the start of the conference by hours.

The conference will be attended by the Palestinian Youth Movement, Tunisia Youth, Lebanese Students Movement, Iraqi Youth, Libyan Youth and Armenian Youth Movement.

The event witnesses the presence of each component in its folkloric costume, while images from all over the Middle East, especially scenes of violence are covering the hall which was decorated with pictures and emblems as well.

The main slogan of the conference was written in five languages on a large banner in the hall; Arabic, Syriac, Kurdish, Armenian and Turkish.

At the beginning of the conference which is scheduled to last for days, the preparatory committee reviewed the conference agenda topics and issues to be discussed during the days of the conference.

The conference comes at a time when the region is witnessing Turkish military threats to invade the region so that subject will be one of the discussions of young people during the days of the conference which will last until the 23rd of this month.



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