Military Kobani Council: We are fully ready to deter any possible attack

The commander of the Kobani Military Council did not rule out a new and large-scale Turkish attack on the Kobani canton, after officials in the Turkish occupation state repeated their threats to occupy the area during the past few days, but stressed that the military forces and the people would confront any attack on the area.

This came during special statements to our agency; It was made by the commander of the Kobani Military Council, Mahmoud Kobani, in light of the threats of the Turkish occupation to launch aggression against north and east Syria.

Turkey threatens to launch aggression to expand what it calls the "Safe Zone", which is the areas occupied by Turkey and mercenary groups; Hundreds of thousands of its indigenous people were displaced in Afrin canton, Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain, Girê Spî / Tal Abyad, al-Bab, Jarablus, Azaz and Idlib regions.

Mahmoud Kobani said, "The Turkish violations against the Kobani canton have not stopped since 2011, and that Turkish threats may turn into a battle against the canton, explaining that" the provocations that Turkey is talking about as coming out of our borders are false allegations through which the Turkish state is trying to expand its colonialism plans, and the safe zone that Ankara is talking about is nothing but a cover for those ambitions.

Kobani added, "The repeated Turkish threats and the bombing of villages and neighborhoods of the city every period are practices of displacing the population and thus emptying the area, noting that the region lives in stability threatened by Turkey and its terrorist groups, similar to the Afrin canton, which has been transformed from a safe area into a source of dark forces and terrorism. "

Mahmoud Kobani pointed out that "their forces have a ten-year experience in the battles against the allies of the Turkish state, which are the terrorist groups." He added, "We are the owners of this land and we have the right to defend it. In order to protect our people and our land.

Mahmoud Kobani called on the people of Kobani canton to trust the capabilities of their military forces, especially that the enemy is- well known in light of the daily friction with it for years, and not to believe the false news that is promoted through the Turkish special war operations rooms, which aims to strike the morale of the people.



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