Mine blasted in Tel Rifat, left 6 victims

The number of the martyrs who were left by a mine blasted in Tel Rifat on Friday increased to reach 6 civilians after two wounded left their lives on Saturday.


On Friday at about 18:00, a land mine that was left by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army in Tel Rifat blasted at a displaced family from Rajo district towards al-Shahba canton in Tel Rifat district. That resulted in martyring 4 members of the family and wounding 4 others with significant injuries.

In the result of the serious wounds among the wounded, the female child Neroz Mohammed Alo and the citizen Fawzi Alo from the same family martyred to increase the martyrs’ statistics to 6 martyrs and two wounded. The wounded are still receiving the medical treatment in Avrin Hospital in al-Shahba canton.

Furthermore, each of Gule Mohammed Mostafa who is at 55, the female child Muna Omer Fawzi whose age is 10, the child Mohammed Farid who is at 14, and Omer Fawzi Alo whose age is 35 martyred on Friday during the explosion.



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