​​​​​​​MIT kidnaps 4 citizens of occupied Afrin

The intelligence of the Turkish occupation state kidnapped 4 citizens from occupied Afrin.

ANHA’s correspondent quoted sources from inside Janders district in the occupied canton of Afrin, that Turkish intelligence had kidnapped 4 citizens of Deir Ballut village of the district.

This comes within a series of kidnappings carried out by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in occupied Afrin.

The sources mentioned the names of the four kidnapped people: "Hassan Ezzat Hussein, 44 years old, Muhammad Ahmad Suleiman, 29 years old, Ibrahim Ezz al-Din Haider, 38 years old, and Ali Mustafa Issa Arouda, 30 years old."

While the sources did not indicate any information about the fate of the kidnapped, and the destination to which they were taken

T/ Satt.


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