MMC became organized force basing on legitimate defense right

Manbij Military Council (MMC) increased its ranks' organization after the entry of thousands of young men and women to its ranks, which began since the announcement of the liberation campaign of Manbij, and thus the council managed to form an integrated military structure that promotes to the level of the organized forces internationally, and it undertook the responsibility of continuing to defend the region basing on the right of legitimate defense.


Manbij city in northern Syria was liberated by the fighters of MMC and with the direct support of SDF and the Global Coalition on 15 August 2016, following an American-Turkish international consensus on the need to liberate the city and paved the way for the security and stability in the region in addition to the organization of the military forces comprising MMC on April 2, 2016.

Manbij liberation was a kind of relief in the popular circles within the city after the good treatment shown by the forces of MMC. It also increased the involvement of the city's citizens in the ranks of those military forces under the umbrella of MMC and within the military battalions and regiments directly affiliated to MMC which, in turn, has led to an acceleration of the liberalization operations and has had positive aspects that have left their mark in the hearts of the people.

Manbij people rushed to join MMC with the launch of Manbij liberation campaign

In this regard, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of MMC Abu Ali Najm said, "The city's members have joined the ranks of MMC as the liberation campaign of the eastern and southern villages of the city has begun, especially after the liberation of many southern tribal areas. We, as MMC, cooperated and received support from the Global Collation and SDF on June 20 of the same year, and opened training courses for the fighters who joined MMC recently.

What the city's people and the liberating forces sacrificed in order to liberate the city from IS mercenaries during the liberation operations had a great positive impact on the general population, and the work of MMC to defend the administrative borders of Manbij increased the desire of the people to join MMC increased in order to protect their land and to repel any aggression that may face the region.

The joining of Manbij young men and women pushed the forces of MMC to open their doors wide to fill the vacuum that SDF may have made after they left the region and to create conditions and an organizational atmosphere that would help the functioning of the Military Council work basing on internal regulations to organize the new-joined fighters with their main factions within an organized national army that depends on the right of legitimate defense of the region is case it subjected to any external aggression as the Deputy Commander-General of MMC Abu Ali Nejem explained to us.

As MMC troops increased, the council began to form regiments and Special Forces

MMC managed to form 7 Arab-dominated military battalions, nearly 85 percent are Arabs, and 15 percent of the rest components of the region, including Kurds, Turkmens and Circassians, dividing into 5 battalions with different functions; combing, armored vehicles and heavy weapons, snipers, mine engineering, air defense.

On the other hand, MMC's commander Ibrahim Hamdan said, "MMC together with the military regiments has established Special Forces battalions for special military operations and rapid intervention which are on standby at various times, along with dozens of military battalions, such as Border Guards."

MMC became an integrated military institution

In addition to organizing the combat military forces, MMC also sought to increase its organization to become an integrated military institution capable of serving its military forces at various levels, whether on the fronts or in the back lines, relying on the military offices' system as the number of offices operating according to the rules of the internal council reached 17.

The opening of military academies

MMC has consolidated its interest in training its military forces and developing its combat capabilities through the opening of several military academies which recently has reached 4 academies with the direct support of the Global Coalition against IS, each of which specializes at different training methods; intellectual, political, military, leading, military specialties, and each of which managed to finish 21 training courses.

For the first time, the women in Manbij have joined the military troops

On the other hand and what seems strange is the fact that women have joined the ranks of the MMC as they have been able to break all restrictions imposed on them. Hundreds of young women from Manbij have joined the ranks of MMC, forming two military units alongside the military regiments in MMC currently. These two brigades are specialized to women, and their number reached 540 fighters.

The reason for their joining the ranks of the women's forces in MMC is that they were influenced by the effective participation of Women's Protection Unit (YPJ) fighters during the liberation process that encouraged them to join to defend themselves and gain their freedom and rights at the aim of liberating the remained women.

Persistent attempts by Turkey and its mercenaries to undermine security in Manbij

The mechanism of organization action followed by the General Command of the MMC was not accepted by some regional countries, especially Turkey which has borders with these forces through its mercenaries of the so-called Euphrates Shield in Jarablus and al-Bab, and the process of organization motivated Turkey to start attempts to undermine the security and stability witnessed in the region despite its agreement with the US-led Council to liberate the city and that has become apparent when targeting the villages under the control of MMC from time to time, as well as the continuing threats to attack the city under the flimsy pretexts.

Erdogan could not thwart and stop the mechanism of organization of MMC and spread strife among its components, and his all attempts failed as a result of the cohesion of the region's political and military components in Manbij, the awareness of the people of the region of the ambitions of the Turkish occupation and not accepting this occupation.

The commanders and officials of MMC confirmed that they continue to strengthen the structure of their military forces, and will not be deterred by the Turkish threats to reach what was planned for to establish organized military forces with a high combat capability that promote to the level of keeping pace with the organized armies in the world, operating according to the internal system that depends on the most important items of the right of legitimate defense, and that their forces will remain a fortified fortress in the face of all attempts to attack the city.

To be continued……. What happened between MMC and Turkey led by US-led Global Coalition at the Turkish base of Incirlik? 

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