Moment of surrender of hundreds of mercenaries  from different nationalities attached with photos, videos

On Thursday, hundreds of mercenaries from all nationalities and their families surrendered to SDF, who came out of al-Bagouz.


After SDF besieged the  remaining mercenaries in the last enclave of their presence in al-Bagouz al-Fawqani, the mercenaries no longer have a solution either to die or to surrender. In an attempt by mercenaries to prolong their lives by taking civilians as human shields.

SDF have managed to liberate thousands of civilians from that last enclave, so mercenaries have surrendered in groups with their families to SDF on a daily basis.

On Thursday and at night, hundreds of mercenaries left with their families from al-Bagouz and surrendered to the fighters of SDF who brought them by truck to areas far from al-Bagouz fronts. The pictures and videos taken by ANHA correspondent for the battle against terrorism show moments of surrender of mercenaries, both Arab and foreign, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and others.



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