Moments with Ocalan still immortal in imagination of those who met him

Some persons get the opportunity to meet the leader Ocalan, who broke the revolution fire in the four Kurdistan parts with his ideology and philosophy, to convey to the successive generations the image which formed in their minds about the personality of a leader who rose up his people's reality and did what was impossible.


With the 20th anniversary of the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, which led to the arrest of Ocalan in 15 February, 1999, we go back to meet people who had the opportunity to meet Ocalan just a few years before his arrest.

In 1997, Shawkat Moghari, a citizen of Kobani countryside met with the leader in Aleppo city, his meeting was two and half hours, although this was short, Shawkat said, but still immortal in his mind, Ocalan's saying "the thing we do can turn it into a force and with that power we can win."

Ocalan stressed the need to unite the Kurdish rank

Shawkat Moghari and a number of Kurdish citizens and the leader Ocalan talked about various topics, but Ocalan is the one who led the dialogue and every word he uttered had a thousand meaning.

Shawkat remembers that Abdullah Ocalan stressed the need to unite the Kurdish rank and the development of free thought and increase awareness and self-confidence and their core capabilities through which they will be able to reach their goals, and confront the injustice.

He added "With the ideology and philosophy of the leader, many victories have been achieved in our revolution, we are working day and night with his advice, and now I remember one of them. The leader said "If we do our duties to the fullest, we will achieve many gains." He encourages us to demand our rights and struggle for the cause to be role models of oppressed peoples.

As for his attitude towards the strict isolation imposed by Turkish authorities on the leader Ocalan more than three years ago in Imrali island prison, Shawkat emphasizes his rejection of the isolation.

He concluded: "The Kurdish people proved that they have a strong will and the resistance of Leyla Guven is a great evidence of that. The Kurdish people must revolt against injustice, as the leader revolted in the face of dictatorship and injustice and demanded the freedom of his people and resisted the state that works for its own interests, we will not accept injustice,too "

New birth!

Abdo Sheikho also had the opportunity to meet with the leader Ocalan, who was in Damascus in 1995 and spent a year with Ocalan.

Sheikho describes his meeting with Ocalan as "a new birth for me." We cannot describe the leader's personality with a few words or in a conversation that lasts for days and nights but I can say that the leader was very knowledgeable in all the fields of history, philosophy, geography, diplomacy, politics, military and ideology."

The leader said "The precious thing is that spirit and our capital is the soul of comradeship, so we must respect and sanctify it," of the meaning of comradeship and its respect.

He added "The leader has been fighting day and night and has always struggled with organizing goals that end it at a specific time, and from the start of the establishment of PKK, and until this moment he has not stopped struggle even in Imrali prison, the leader has given great value to humanity and sanctified it."

He said," the isolation imposed on the leader is immoral and inhuman, and targets the Kurdish people, so we appeal to the human organization to revolt against hostile policies and lift the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan and demand his freedom,"



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