​​​​​​​More than 300 families benefited from voluntary donations

Hundreds of families in  Girkê Legê district benefited from voluntary donations and grass-roots initiatives, under curfew conditions and efforts to prevent the coronavirus outbreak.

For the past 15 days, residents of northeastern of Syria cities and towns have abided by the curfew as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which has spread around the world.

Curfew conditions have deprived many low-income families of their financial resources, especially those earning livelihoods on a daily basis, such as construction and transportation which has ceased.

However, the rooted solidarity and cooperation culture in the societies of the region, has contributed significantly in alleviating the suffering of low-income families which emerged through individual and collective initiatives organized by many social events to provide assistance to the needy families.

Residents of Girkê Legê were the first to announce a number of initiatives of solidarity by exempting the tenants from paying monthly wages for shops or homes.

Many well-off traders also donated in-kind and cash assistance to the needy families.

The co-chair of Girkê Legê local council, Muhamed Jamil, confirmed that more than 300 needy families have benefited from the donations.

People make donations in-kind and cash aids through the district local council, or commune and distributed according to pre-existing schedules for the needy families on a priority basis, and in coordination with the donors themselves.

The residents of the area and its countryside abide by the curfew  while the necessary facilities continue to work to ensure the provision of basic services to the people.



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