Moscow: We to continue bombing terrorists in Idlib in coordination with Turkey

"Russia and the Syrian regime will continue to bomb the terrorists and gunmen in Idlib in coordination with Turkey," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Verchinen said on Thursday.

"Now, there is a talk about the reaction to the armed terrorists' attacks in the city of Idlib, and we are coordinating with the Syrian side in this matter to respond appropriately to the attacks," the Russian news agency of Sputnik quoted from Varshinin.

"We are also coordinating with the Turkish side in this issue, especially with regard to the implementation of the 17th September memorandum," he added.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, "The Russian Air Base of Hmeimim in Syria is being bombed by the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra in Idlib, and this terrorist organization must be eradicated."

For more than a week, Russian and Turkish troops have been launching attacks on the demilitarized zone according to the Russian-Turkish terms.

On Wednesday, the regime forces controlled the strategic town of Kafar Naboda in the northern countryside of Hama, after taking control of Othman Hill and al-Janabera village which belong to the town on Tuesday.



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