Moses : Daesh must be tried in N, E Syria

The politician Sheikhmos Moses said that trying Daesh's mercenaries is international issue, he called on to establish an international court to try Daesh mercenaries under the international community supervision in the areas of the North and East of Syria to try the mercenaries.

The issue of trying the mercenaries of Daesh turned into an international issue the political and the social bodies in North and East of Syria urge the international community to establish an international court in the region.

The Kurdish Leftist Party's Political Office's member in Syria, Sheikhmos Moses said in an interview conducted by ANHA that the issue of trying the Daesh mercenaries is an international issue, especially for the mercenaries who were arrested by SDF.

Moses said called on the world countries to shoulder their responsibilities and restore their citizen of Daesh mercenaries.

He confirmed to establish an international court under the international community and the UN supervision to try the mercenaries to be held accountable for the crimes that they have committed against the humanity and against the people of Syria.  

He also called on the international community to act and support the Autonomous Administration.

Moses said after we defeated Daesh mercenaries on behalf of the world, all the countries must support the people of North and East of Syria and establish an international court in our areas that offered thousands of martyrs.



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