Mother from Tel-Riffat said: I rushed to search my children, I found them dismembered

Mother narrated her story bitterness, about her children, who have been killed in massacre committed in Tel- Riffat district by Turkish occupation in, saying " I rushed to find my children, I found them dismembered." 

On December ,2, Turkish occupation committed horrible massacre against Afrin children, who have been forced to flee towards Tel-Riffat district belonging to al-Shahba district, resulted in the martyrdom 10 civilians, including 10 children, as well as to injury 10 civilians.

Some of the injuries of the massacre, the mother of an injured child described the horrible scenes of the massacre which faced wide condemnation in NE, Syria, where international society still remained silent.

Alyas Hassoun the child who was injured with shrapnel in his leg said " me and my brother were standing in front of our home in that time I heard huge explosion and injured with shrapnel and my brother lost his leg because of the shelling"

"At 2 pm I heard enormous explosion, I rushed to search my children but I found them dismembered" mother Fatima Battal said. 

Mother Fatima added " we were forcibly to displace from Afrin but the Turkish continues shelling us, we are displacement and civilians."


Mother Fatima continued " why the occupation bombarding us? why kills our children? What the Turkish occupation want of Kurdish people? Turkish occupation is not fighting terrorists but it killing the people by committing massacres against the children."

And she condemned the silence of the strongest forces about the massacre    " Russia and USA they are still remained silent about the Turkish crimes "

While Mohammed Fakhry the father of the children Alyas and Adham said:" Turkish occupation and its mercenaries shelling caused the injury of two of my children one of them was injured with shrapnel and the other one lost his leg".



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