Motorcycle explosion west of Serêkaniyê

A motorbike exploded in the center of Tel Halaf town, west of Serêkaniyê occupied city, without any information about the quantity of the losses caused by the blast.

Within the state of security chaos in the occupied areas by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, a motorcycle exploded in the center of the town of Tel Halaf located west of the city of Serêkaniyê at a distance of 3 km.

A source told our agency's correspondent that the motorcycle exploded at the junction of Asfar Najjar in the center of Tel Halaf.

The source explained that the explosion caused financial damage, and no information was received about casualties.

The month of September witnessed several bombings, the last of which was yesterday, Wednesday, when several mines exploded in a military headquarter in a farm west of Zerkan district in al-Hasakah canton.


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