​​​​​​​Mr. Ocalan's defense team calls on the UN representative to intervene quickly in the leader's torture file

The Defense Authority of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan in northern and eastern Syria confirmed that what the Turkish occupation state is committing against the leader Ocalan is an undisputed crime against humanity, calling on the UN representative in the Security Council to intervene quickly in the file of the leader's torture.

This came during a written statement issued by the Defense Authority of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan in northern and eastern Syria, about the strict isolation imposed on him, and we received a copy of it.

The statement stated at the beginning, "The lack of ways to know the truth in Imrali prison reaffirms the concealment of the facts surrounding the life of leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the multiplication of concerns about the torture and violence he is subjected to, stemming from racist motives, possibly committed by the Turkish state's authoritarian authorities in the context of an institutional system of systematic oppression and systematic domination by one ethnic group over another, and with the intent and purpose of maintaining that system before which the Anti-Torture and Amnesty Organizations, which claim independence from any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion, have receded and are neutral.

It added, "Thus, they caused this regime, which is composed of systematic persecution with absolute power - to this day - to escape punishment for gross violations of human rights and crimes under international law, which the Turkish state has become a threat to its future, in light of what it constantly challenges and violates in all fronts of life, whether at home or abroad, and all of humanity bears witness to this, including the official institutions of the international community, especially in terms of a party whose roles are associated with terrorism, and its withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention is only evidence of that.

Genocide added to the total number of exterminations

The statement emphasized, "The leader's abduction, then his mock trial, and his indefinite solitary confinement in miserable and mysterious conditions, far from the knowledge of his family and lawyers, and this coincided with depriving him of the right to hope, confirms once again that the international conspiracy is no longer against him only, but rather against all the oppressed peoples, especially the Kurdish people, for whom this plot constitutes a genocide added to the total genocide committed by the Turkish state against the Kurds and other peoples.

Referring to the leader Abdullah Ocalan's refusal to meet with the Committee against Torture (CPT), the statement added, "The Turkish state is committing, with premeditation, determination and monitoring, the intellectual liquidation and gradual killing of the leader Ocalan, and what the media reports about the leader's refusal to meet the Committee against Torture, during its last visit, in September of this year, 2002, confirms the reality of what is happening in the notorious Imrali prison, and the failure of the official international community institutions to exercise their normal and impartial role due to their involvement in the international conspiracy that has gained people’s trust in all its international organizations and strengthened the option of relying on herself with her free will and far from being dependent on any will against her freedom and her desire to accomplish the societal democracy project.

Leader Ocalan is the gateway to world peace

The statement considered, "What the Turkish state is committing against the leader Ocalan is genocide of the Kurds and a crime against humanity without a doubt, according to the standards of public international law, especially the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, pursuant to Articles 7 and 6 of this system, which requires urgent The Public Prosecutor intervened in this court on his own, and conducted an impartial and transparent investigation regarding everything that is happening in Imrali prison, which is contrary to the global conscience, and initiated an international lawsuit against all the actors, intervenors, partners, and instigators whose international criminality has reached the point of completely covering up everything they committed against the leader Ocalan. Especially in the twenty months and to date.

And he continued, "As his people do not know any real news about him that indicates a decrease in concern for his health and life, in light of the severe violence that the Turkish state has been inflicting on him, since the first day of his abduction.”

At the end of its statement, the defense committee for Mr. Abdullah Ocalan in northern and eastern Syria denounced "the spiral of Turkish criminality against the leader Ocalan," calling on "the UN representative in the Security Council to take the initiative to intervene quickly in the file of the leader Ocalan's torture," and added, "Because the leader Ocalan It is the gateway to world peace."

T/ Satt.


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