MSD congratulated working class on occasion of World Labor Day

MSD congratulated the oppressed peoples, the hard working class, and all the Syrian people, on the occasion of the Labor Day, and wished them success, victory and achieving a better standard of living in all aspects of life. 

The working class in different countries of the world celebrates World Labor Day on 1 May each year.

This day marks an international occasion for the embodiment of solidarity and struggle of the workers of the world against capitalist exploitation for the achievement of social justice

On this occasion, we congratulate all our people, the working class and all oppressed peoples, wishing them success, victory and a better standard of living in all fields of life

We take the opportunity of World Labor Day to stress that the third world war in the Middle East is centered on Syria. This war is declared on the will of peoples. Despite the cruelty of this war and the ferocity of central national state system to maintain itself; but such war has given our oppressed Syrian people a precious opportunity to escalate the struggle against fascism and its threatened policies to unity of Syria and its sovereignty. This struggle is expanding to achieve the desired result for a decent life which peoples deserve especially the working class until the achievement of a political system and a decentralized democratic Syria.

Therefore, we call upon all political powers, community activities and labor movements to struggle on the basis of the concept of a democratic society under the leadership of free women

We emphasize that the working class in Syria has not been far from revolutionary and political struggle since the beginning of the formation of the Syrian state, but It has been at the forefront for decades. Since the beginning of the Syrian revolutionary public movement in 2011, the working class has offered its best sons as martyrs against dictatorship and tyranny. Many of them joined to Syria Democratic Forces and gave their pure blood in fighting against ISIS to eliminate its geographical presence

We at the Syria Democratic Council once again congratulate the Syrian workers on their glorious international day, calling upon them to continue struggling for their just rights throughout Syria, to uphold values of freedom, justice and equality, to preserve the achievements they have done in northern and eastern Syria, to offer all forms of support for political solution, to achieve a comprehensive democratic transition in the country, and to liberate all occupied Syrian territory.

The Syrian Democratic Council(MSD).



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