MSD continues its efforts to unite democratic opposition ranks

To hold a national conference to the Syrian democratic opposition, MSD continues organizing its dialogue workshops abroad where it  organized dialogue workshop in Bochum city of Germany. 

The Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) organized a dialogue workshop the 4th workshop of its kind for the political, social personalities of the opposition abroad in Bochum city of Germany, where 45 personalities, activists, politicians, civilians and jurists attended the workshop's activities today.

The aim of this workshop to explain the mechanism work of the Autonomous Administration and the importance of this experience in finding a solution to the Syrian crisis in addition to search for a mechanism to reach a comprehensive Syria democratic conference in and outside Syria.

This workshop is the 4th of its kind abroad after the Berlin, Vienna and Paris workshops.

At the first of the workshop agenda the co-chair of the MSD, Reyad Derar talked about the goals of this workshop and its communications with the other democratic forces which belief in the dialogue and negotiation as a platform to reach a Syrian solution to the crisis in the country. 

The co-chair of General Relation Bureau, Jihad Omar touched upon the experience of the Autonomous Administration and its structure and its project in building the country in northeastern Syria by the participation of all components of the region which form a small model of Syria.

The work of the workshop is scheduled to last for 2 consecutive days in which the participants will discuss the road map streamed from the third Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum held in Kobani city.  



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