MSD continues its interactive workshops abroad

MSD continues to hold its interactive workshops in foreign countries, with the Syrian opposition parties on the project of the Autonomous Administration and access to a comprehensive national conference of democratic opposition.

For the second day in a row, a team from the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) continued to hold its interactive workshop with opposition political figures and blocs from the Syrian foreign opposition, where a workshop was held yesterday in the Austrian capital Vienna on the explanation of the mechanism of the Autonomus Administration(AA),  as well as the search for a mechanism to reach a comprehensive democratic national conference of the Syrian democratic opposition at home and abroad.

This comes after the first workshop held on June 29-30 in the French capital Paris.

The workshop, which was held in the Austrian capital of Vienna over two days, was attended by national and democratic forces and personalities to discuss the issues of the road map to resolve the Syrian crisis and the experience of AA in northern and eastern Syria.

MSD addressed the experience of living in north and east Syria through AA, and what it has. The national and political meaning of AA project was highlighted in light of the huge amount of distortion.

"It is necessary to bring together the Syrian opposition at home and abroad, in the framework of cooperation on the future benefits, and in order to convey the idea and experience of AA and its political and social developments to all parties, and to define the experience and project to combat extremism, to experience stability and building at home and to open up to the political forces at home and abroad, and to confirm that the experience presented in the north and east of Syria is a criterion and a measure of the future in decentralized democratic management for the Syrian crisis, so we have held these meetings and workshops abroad," Riad Darrar, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council said.



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