MSD discusses a number of important agendas

Members of the Presidential Council in MSD stressed that the Turkish threats to the region are serious and aimed at eliminating the democratic experience.

On Wednesday morning, the Presidential Council of the Syria's Democratic Council(MSD) held a meeting at its headquarters in the town of Ain Issa.

The meeting dealt with the Turkish threats to the region the deal of the Russian missile system S400, as well as the return of the activity of ISIS mercenaries in Syria and Iraq.

The participants also evaluated the workshops launched by MSD abroad, noting that they were met with positive attitudes towards the national opposition and that their project is considered the best model for solving the Syrian crisis.

The focus of the meeting, asserted that Turkish threats are serious, and its goal is to eliminate the democratic experience in northern and eastern Syria, which is closer to obtaining international legitimacy.

In addition, a strategy to defend these areas will be developed with the relevant allies in coordination with SDF. Openness to dialogue with everyone, including the Russians and the Syrian authorities, to resolve outstanding problems.

They stressed "to continue to resist to defend the regions and the gains of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria which is not only the responsibility of the military, but also the responsibility of all."

The meeting focused on intensifying diplomatic efforts at the Arab, regional and international levels.

In addition the participants demanded the Syrian authority to fulfill its duty to defend the sovereignty of Syrian territory and appealed to all national democratic forces to defend their homeland.

The participants condemned the bombings that targeted the security and stability of the north and east of Syria in particular and all Syrian areas in general. Appeal to world public opinion that the Erdogan regime will help revive terrorism.

The participants decided to send messages to the UN and the European Union to put pressure on the Turkish side.

At the end of the meeting, the participants stressed the need to improve the service situation in the north and east of Syria, after listening to the summary of the work done by the Autonomous Administration during the past month.

The AKP government threatens to attack northern and eastern Syria under the pretext of protecting its national security.



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