MSD's parties confirm continued international dialogues to avoid bloodshed

Political parties of MSD have affirmed their support for human shields tents and continued diplomatic dialogues with international parties to avoid bloodshed.

In light of the continued Turkish threats to occupy the north and east of Syria, the activities of the Human Shield Tent on the border strip in Serekaniye entered the 12th day with the participation of hundreds of residents of Terbispia, Jelagha and Tel Kojer.

The participants came to the tent this morning and chanted slogans condemning the Turkish occupation and its provocative practices against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria.

Today, the Tent of Human Shields was visited by the political parties of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) and made a public opinion statement expressing their rejection of the Turkish threats.

The statement read by the administrative in the Syrian Democratic Council in al-Hasaka region Fidan Khalil:

"We condemn any threat or aggression on Syrian territory, by our unity as a people we have preserved the unity of Syrian territory and we have never tried to attack any neighbor on our borders, but if our areas are attacked by the Turkish state we assure the public that we will not stand idly by and we will be a strong supporter of our valiant Syrian Democratic Forces.

Today, we are living through difficult and sensitive days. We, in turn, are working very hard to establish diplomatic relations with all forces in order to avoid war and bloodshed. Our culture is not a culture of death but a culture of peace.

On this basis, we gathered today to express our permanent responsible sense of the dangers that occur, in solidarity with our people in northern and eastern Syria against the Turkish occupation.



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